My Christmas miracle. 

For years I used to say I didn’t enjoy being with parents around the holidays. Mostly because I couldn’t have my own children. Then it was too hard to see them all so happy.  It was me.  I was telling myself that I didn’t want to be around anyone who had kids. What the heck?  Why? 

This Christmas, I finally was free to do what I wanted and what I wanted was to see my family. There are 8 children running, playing  and growing up so fast. I hadn’t seen them in years. I never felt sad. Not about my soon to be ex not being there, not about not having kids, nothing. I was so happy. Genuinely happy to be there and living in the moment. We had great conversations and I never once felt judged.  I never realized how suppressed I felt. Wow. Just wow. 

It was my Christmas miracle to realize that I’m free. I’ve released all that stress and anger.  I was my authentic self and I liked her! 

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