Be my Valentine? Forever?

Working in an animal shelter bring with it joys and sorrow. Mainly, my job there is joyful. I get to help all the sick animals get well enough so that they get adopted and loved forever.  

Sometimes it’s challenging for my heart. I get attached and fall in love daily to many of them. It’s especially hard on he heart when we have a bunch of rescued from a puppymill and all they know is to be afraid.  Then there are the older dogs, who need surgeries and time before they’re available. We just had a 16 year old dog adopted! I cried several times that day out of pure joy for that girl, she will be with someone for the rest of her life. 

This little poodle came to us from a high kill shelter. She had ehrlichia and glaucoma and cataracts. Not to mention bad teeth, needed a spay, her left eye removed, and mammary tumors removed. She’s blind. She’s 10 years young. She’s had all of her surgeries and after almost 6 months at our shelter, she’s ready for a home. She’s microchipped and up to date on vaccines. She comes with a Muffin’s Halo so she can navigate around, and some outfits. Yes, we love her and spoiled her rotten. She’s smart and perky and housebroken. She’ll follow your voice.  She’s available at Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons  in NY. Her name is Lovely!


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