Keep them close when riding in elevators 

This is a sad story that just popped into my head.  It was a living nightmare for one of my patients that I loved, his owner and the staff when we heard her tell the story. 

He was a stunning dark red golden retriever and he would do anything for his tennis ball. He had a sibling golden. They were the best of friends.  They had a wonderful weekend and were staying at a hotel with their owners.   After a game of ball, they were heading back up to their room when he dropped his ball and it rolled out of the elevator. His mom was holding his leash and the doors closed. They closed with him outside!  I still can’t type what happened. She kept saying “I let go of the leash but it was too late. He’s gone.” 

I had nightmares! That big beautiful boy, his sister and that lovely family, met with such tragedy.  

I used to show my dogs and we stayed in hotels all the time. Mostly the kind with the outdoor stairs. But every now and then I had to take an elevator and my dogs were pulled so close to me I almost had their necks in my hand for fear of them getting loose enough for that to happen to them. My one dog hated elevators as much as I did.  

What a freak accident! It’s the kind they put in scary movies! Rest in peace Cooper! 

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