Aging and the canine

One of the topics at the dinner table tonight was that of dogs past and how to know when the time is to let them go. Of course some of us still don’t agree on certain things but one thing’s for sure, no one wants them to suffer and they are going to get old. Ok. That was two things. 
We had a rough year and a half with three family dogs transitioning. Here’s a brief summary: The first one we lost was sick and loaded with cancer. I would tell her, in confidence, when she would lie in another room and not socialize, that she would have to give a big sign if she was ready for us to give her her final gift. Two out of the three times she would be perky and normal the next day. The third time, she had explosive diarrhea and vomiting. We helped her transition with reiki and the veterinarian. The next was the toughest on us all, especially the youngest dog. He was the best being that ever lived. We had to force feed him for a long time due to the shape of his stomach after emergency bloat surgery, but he’d play and was happy, yet skinny. He and I had one chat. The next day, the vet came to the house and I gave him reiki as he fell asleep in my hands. Then his sister. She also had hand feeding and cancer. Then there was one bad night and as I gave her reiki for her transition in the pet ER, I thanked her and told her to thank the others for being such good teachers and friends throughout the years to us all. 

The picture sent to me when we left the pet ER, was of her and her brother playing ball in a lush green yard. Together again. 

Now my two dogs are eight and nine and the worry is there. I’m trying every day to picture them in perfect health. I try to offer reiki and sound healing whenever I feel they’re guiding me to do so. I’m so grateful for them every day. To touch them and be with the unconditional love, well, there’s nothing like it. Sometimes we just know what each other is thinking. 
My girl has been having some challenges with her hips. She stands crooked and hunched at times, doesn’t run much and uses a step to get on and off the bed now. This is the same girl who I did preliminary OFA hip X-Rays on that came back excellent, so I was a little surprised to see her with hip issues. She’s been on herbs for it for a while and I think it may be time for an X-ray. When we went for a walk, she was panting heavily and needed frequent breaks. We will see what happens. In the meantime, more frequent short walks for the both of us is on the horizon, to help us build our muscles.  
She was telling me for a while that we needed to go for a walk. I guess I was so excited that I forgot she hasn’t been running a lot lately. Neither have I! So interesting that they teach us what we so desperately need to learn and do for ourselves. 
Animals are wonderful souls. 


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