Love with the animals

I mentioned Save-a-Pet in my last post. I am truly grateful that I had Andy in my life. That shepherd mix made me change my life. I went full force into helping and working with animals. I worked at an animal shelter, as a veterinary assistant and then finally was a NY state licensed veterinary technician. All because of him.  

Fast forward. Andy was put to sleep in 2003, I had only had him for 5 & 1/2 years. I still miss him. 

I hadn’t been back to Save-a-pet in many years, probably 10-15 years.  I had donated money and had purchased a brick in Mr. Bones’ honor. I still get choked up thinking about it.  

Yesterday, I went there and offered reiki to the animals. I had to be grounded and emotionally calm. I was. I showed a new friend his brick and I took a picture of it. It felt good to be there again.  

I felt drawn to certain animals and had some good results for the first visit there. I am planning to go back next week, (or tomorrow) it feels good to be there. I will be sending distant reiki to a few dogs who need a little extra in the meantime. 

I’ve avoided this for so long. I have to be honest! With myself. I avoided looking at the commercials for shelters, Facebook posts, I used to delete them, because it would upset me so much. Really, when you see an abused animal, your first instinct is to look away or think someone else will help, right? It’s what a lot of people do, even I tried to! But I couldn’t. I knew in my heart, I would have to find a way to help. Reiki! I would send reiki to the animals I saw. I would try to picture them in loving homes and I would share their stories on Facebook.  

I’ve cried for those horror stories in the news. You know, the dogs in China, Caitlyn, the dog whose muzzle was taped shut (and is doing very well now) and for all the homeless or abused animals. What really gets me is when the older dogs are dumped! It’s a call for help that we all can give.  We can start by picturing them heathy, shiny and clean in their new homes. Praying can work too.  Sending love and light, sharing the stories, bringing awareness to them, donating time or money, it all helps. I currently am low on funds, but abundant in love and reiki. I have some crates and grooming supplies I’m not using, so I will bring them with me when I return there next week. 

 This is Abigail, she’s a sweet lady and enjoyed her reiki, would love to have a home. She’s 12 and available at Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue.  

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