In 1997, I was working for a radio station and the Board Operator for a Pet Talk show. My job was to air the show that was taking place somewhere else. I had to make sure it was synchronized properly, then I’d play the commercials. 
One day, I was told it would be a live show. Holy cow!!! I finally get to use the mikes. I was so excited. I had been listening to this show for a while. I was excited to meet Jimmy the Wonderdog! (Unfortunately, he didn’t come that day, but I did get to meet him). 
Save-A-Pet was the guest. Specifically, Dori Scofield and Gerta(I forgot her last name). They were chatting and going over the pets they had rescued. I was cueing up the next commercial and I heard; ” then there’s Andy, aka Mr. Bones. He’s a shepherd mix, about a year old and was hit by a car and left to die at the shelter. He has a broken leg and is really good with kids and loves car rides.” I found myself waiving at them. 

For some unknown reason, I had to have this dog. I don’t know what made me say I wanted him, sight unseen! All I know is I, my life, would never be the same.  

The host of the show gave me a dollar towards the adoption fee. I think I donated $25. By went back with more money another time. 

Everyone thought I was nuts. I lived in an apartment that didn’t allow pets and I didn’t care. I had to have him. 

I went to Dori’s house and met this extremely thin German Shepherd who hardly had any hair (due to mange-demodectic, the non contagious type) and a big light blue cast on his left hind leg. He hobbled over to me and gave me his paw. I was done! Confirmation! We quickly bathed him in her tub with a plastic bag on his leg and I took him to my folks house to meet our old dog.  

Then I just had to break it to my roommate that I was moving out. 

This was the day I met him.  


4 thoughts on “Mr.Bones

  1. What a great pleasure to have you sign up to follow Learning from Dogs. Thank you! It would be an honour to publish anything from you over on LfD as a guest post. Hope to see that happen! Best wishes, Paul.

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