Getting to healing

Something indescribable happens the day you figure it all out. What’s been nudging you all along. 

But here’s some background:

My entire life has been me, being the normal, good, responsible person. I went to college. Three actually! I have two associates degrees and a bachelors (I’m still paying for). I went out and got my job with benefits in a corporation, as I was brought up to do. 

Then my career  shift happened when, at one of my two part time weekend jobs, I wound up adopting Mr. Bones, a German Shepherd mix who was hit by a car and left to be euthanized at a shelter because of a broken leg. He changed my life. I got my license as a veterinary technician and switched careers. Then my parents wanted me to become a veterinarian. I refused and still believe I made the correct choice.  I had my own pet service business and bought discounted health insurance and did well.  Really well. I fed and medicated six dogs and even had spending money! 

When I got sick of working 24/7, 365 days a year, I tried going back to work as a technician. It wasn’t the same veterinarian and it wasn’t a nice person. After a year, I quit. Without having a back up plan! I did something I had never even dreamed of. I went to lunch and never went back! I saved my sanity.  

Then I worked a few years at a grooming salon and was let go after one of my many surgeries for endometriosis. My recovery time took too long. I took the summer to take care of my dad, who had a bout with a really bad staph infection. Then I was advised by a few people to get a job. I tend to wallow in the poor me party for too long. 

I went back into Corporate America.  I took the first job that came along and ran with it. The signs were all there. I should’ve (I know…shoulda, coulda,woulda lol) left at the first signs! It took me two and a half long years to realize that that was not place for me to be. So I went on to another company, just like it. A higher position. One of leadership. I do a very good job. It’s been an incredible learning experience. Especially for my solar plexus-confidence building! I’ve learned that I can do it, that I am smart and meticulous and I even learned a bit of patience. But I’m ready to go now.  It’s served its purpose and my time there is about to end. The universe has been talking. The signs are there. Everyday! More and more. I’m listening this time. 

On my days off, I’ve gone to the horse rescue or animal shelter and offered reiki or sound healing to the animals. Even worked on people.  The freeing feeling is so pure, I cried, especially with the animals. 

The goal is a part time job for money and the rest of the time, helping the animals and the endometriosis community (for now).  I’m going to use that extra time to really bring healing to me and others. 


2 thoughts on “Getting to healing

  1. My friend, I wish you well in your evolution! Similar experiences. One thing I have learned for myself is that it is really important not to get into comparisons, and also to consistently value myself every single day. If we work on self awareness and not buying into societal expectations and, instead, trust in Spirit, there is so much more for our lives. Good fortune with your inner travels.

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